Interesting beginnings to knitting….


I rather like my story of how I came to be a knitter.

My grandmother was a knitter, an amazing knitter, one of those old ladies that tuck’s one needle under her armpit and then just pumps out garments like a machine. Growing up we had beautifully knitted clothes all the time. Of course we hated them – maybe they didn’t have luxurious soft wool back in those days because I just remember everything being so itchy! So she started me (and my brothers!) off, she taught us a basic knit stich, the three of us would spend hours at her house just knitting little rows (we were very slow and there were many a slipped stitch, which my grandma would always fix). That’s about as far as I got with my knitting with nana, she used to cast on for me and as I child I never made it to the casting off bit haha! However, I still maintain that she sowed the seed (an extremely slow germinating seed!) for my future love of sewing!

Years went by, my grandma sadly passed away and some years on I finished school and started a degree in Occupational Therapy (OT). No – contrary to many peoples beliefs I didn’t actually learn to knit (or basket weave for that matter) in my OT studies – although I do admit to being a total cliché of an OT (with my cooking, sewing, knitting etc…). I started learning to knit again from a number of my patients over years of clinical placements whilst studying.

The first lesson learned was at an aged day care centre in Croydon where a little old lady taught me how to cast on (I was only there for a week so I didn’t actually get to the cast offing stage).

My second lesson was at a residential rehabilitation centre in Shepparton where a patient taught me how to cast off (of course!) and my final lesson was at Sunshine Hospital in the Aged Mental Health Program where a little old lady taught me how to do a purl stitch.

Of course now I learn new things all the time – mostly from the angels at Wondoflex yarn shop in Malvern, and of course the internet is an incredible resource too (I hope this blog will eventually contribute to that). However, I do really like my humble and romantic beginnings into the knitting world, and I like it here, so I think I’ll stay! I would love to know everyone else stories!

Please comment and let me know what got you into your knitting or crocheting?

Thanks for stopping by,

Sarah xx



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  1. Stephanie (Granny_Grump) April 15, 2015 — 2:34 am

    I really enjoyed hearing your story. I wish my story was as sweet and fascinating but it’s kind of boring. Lol I started after 2 of my boys were diagnosed with Autism. I needed something to do while they were at OT, PT & Speech appointments or while we waited at many, many Dr appointments. I bought the book/needle kit from Walmart to “teach myself knitting”. That was about 10 years ago. I had actually only been able to make a few things that turned out quite wonky, but my little 2 lb chihuahua loved them as little blankets. Lol. When I got divorced about 6 years ago my knitting supplies got packed away and was not brought back out until about a year ago. Basically for the same reason; the boys were doing more therapies and I had to do something while I waited.
    Today, it’s become more of an addiction. I absolutely LOVE knitting and I just recently started spinning. It’s my escape from the daily stress of having 4 boys that are WILD!! knitting relaxes me so much that there have been times I’ve fallen asleep with needles still in my hands. Lol. In the last year, I have made quite a few improvements in my knitting. 😊 I don’t knit just plain garter stitch chihuahua blankets anymore. Lol. I’ve moved on up in the world. I’ve made shawls, hats, booties, a couple baby sweaters and a sweater for me. My current project is my first attempt at making myself a pair of socks! I’m still not so sure about how this heel thing is gonna turn out. Hahaha
    I look forward to reading more of your adventures in knitting.


    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank-you for reading and commenting! I actually really like your story, I don’t think its boring at all. I think knitting really appeals to productive people, those who want to get every minute out of their day, and fill all those spare moments with knitting projects. Your story also really highlights the therapeutic nature of knitting too. For me its win win win, its relaxing, productive and it motivates me to catch public transport to work (its a massive 1.5hr commute each way) which also means that I save money on petrol and toll fees (this is how I justify my ever growing wool stash!!). Your comment about your chihuahuas blankets made me laugh, I have a funny story about a scarf I knit for my boyfriend when I first started knitting, all in stockinette stitch, I didn’t know it was going to turn into a tube hahahaha anyway Ill write a post about it one day, I plan to rip it up and make something new from it, bless him he actually wears it, because its truly horrible! Good-luck with the sock! I just wrote a post about my shame in having never knitted a sock, so for me it will also be a first! Speak soon, Sarah xoxo


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