New mum sanity saving gifts for the first 8 weeks

You can buy a million and one things for a new baby and mum and there are tons of lists you can find on the internet, this post is to share my thoughts as a first time mum with a three month old baby on my favourite things.

Singlets – Babies wear singlets all the time under everything so you will need lots of them, singlets that don’t do up with snaps under the crotch are the devil, do NOT buy them, babies need to be burped when feeding and rubbing their backs when wearing a singlet will just result in said singlet riding halfway up their back. Don’t even bother. K-mart sell the good singlets in four packs for $12 which is a steal – I can’t find them online so you’d need to go in store the brand is called ‘tiny little wonders’ I would get at least two packs (so 8 singlets). If you’re wondering sizes, almost all babies are born 0000 (newborn size), my baby is on the 75th percentile so slightly larger than the average baby however he was 0000 for about three weeks and then has been a size 000 (0-3 months) all the way up until bang on three months.

What your looking for is something like this, these ones are from Bonds same same but just more pricey really:


‘Lets get real bibs’ – So a lot of newborn packs have these sweet little bibs that look cute but when they are loaded with spew don’t quite cut the mustard. For the early spew filled weeks what you really need are the pop over bibs, trust me, when there is spew everywhere these aesthetically unappealing but mega functional bibs will be your favourites. They are made of towel material and they basically cover their entire little body! I was given a pack at my baby shower (by an experienced mother of course) but I sourced more from K-Mart, here is the link if you are local but otherwise this is what your looking for:

$7 for two – buy 12 of these lifesavers

The big bear rug – You will lie your baby on this all the time, totally random, I would never ever have thought to buy one of these (the mother who bought me the functional bibs bought me this too – what a legend, thanks Yvonne!). This gets moved around the house from the bathroom floor (when I shower), kitchen floor (when I cook), lounge room floor….actually basically whenever Jack isn’t in my arms he’s on this thing, so I love it, also machine washable (big tick!)

You can pick them up from baby bunting for $70.

A sleepy Jack chilling on his bear rug

Dummies – if the baby will take them, my boy loves him, probably almost as much as he loves my boobs, but some babies don’t like a dummy so maybe just get a couple (until you know they love them, then get 10 and scatter them everywhere – or get a dummy clip so you don’t lose them – see below).  I use the rubber ones made by makeuwell I got them online, here at popyatot. I love these dummies for a few reasons: 1. they are rubber, a natural alternative to plastic, 2. They are made from one mould – which means no little cracks and nooks that dirty germy crap can get in and 3. they look different and adorable.

Ridiculous cuteness

Dummy clips – If your baby will take a dummy, he or she will also spit out said dummy (when they’re over it or even better when they fall asleep!), its annoying to be constantly cleaning dummies so get yourself a stylish dummy clip so they don’t fall to the ground every time. I got mine (pictured above) from popyatot and they have some pretty flippin’ gorgeous designs. They also suggest other uses for their dummy clips – for clipping dummy to pram, rattle to car seat or even mums keys to her handbag….I’m thinking I might need another one for that last suggestion!

Baby carrier – In the early days a visiting midwife told me that newborn babies think they are still a part of their mum, not a separate being, which is why they love love love being held close to their mumma (and also to their dad). It is an adorable thing, but it can mean that you get nothing done, because as soon as you try to put the baby down they get upset. For this reason a baby carrier is an absolute must for every new mum. We bought two – an ergobaby carrier – which I will discuss in further detail in another blog post as well as a fabric wrap which is what I want to talk about now because I think an ergobaby carrier or baby bjorn carrier is a bit industrial to wear around the home. I got my fabric wrap carrier from elki baby they are $77.50, made from bamboo fabric, super comfy and worth every penny. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of putting your baby in it (they have instructions to help). To me its a no brainer – baby is happy, mum has free hands and arms that aren’t aching, win win win.

Sanitary bin for nappies – So I can’t believe I’m writing this because before I had my baby the idea of getting a sanitary bin for nappies seemed a ridiculous waste of money, and kind of like a printer once you have the bin you have to use the right bin bag cartridges so its an ongoing expense. Don’t question me here though, if you can afford it, just do it, its one less thing to worry about, its hygenic and means your baby nursery won’t smell like a dirty nappy. We might abandon the bin when he’s a bit older but for now I am loving it. We got a sangenic one from baby bunting, which is great, I’m sure they’re all pretty much the same.



Something really special – Now this is totally luxe but my girlfriends bought me it and it was literally the first outfit my baby went into when he was born which is kind of special. Its a newborn pack from pure baby. They’re an Australian company that make organic cotton baby clothes so basically everything from there is just beautiful.  It is costly at $89.95 but its divine, get a size 0000 so the bub can wear it right away, especially for those newborn photos – worth noting that whilst our little guy has grown out of the clothes at 3 months old we still use the beanie and the wrap regularly!

Another non-essential but lovely thing to have from the get go – milestone cards – my girlfriend bought them for me from Audreynme and at $26 they make a beautiful and affordable gift.


Some other stuff new mums need a lot of

  • Swaddles – little blankets to wrap babies in – I found the best size ones (1m by 1m) to be the bubba blue ones (you can get them at so many places – just google the brand). If you are looking for another brand, make sure its a stretch fabric, like bamboo cotton, jersey etc…) Muslin ones are cute – but totally useless because babies wriggle their way out of them in about 30 seconds – these are handy, but more for lying your baby on them in warm weather or blocking light by draping them over a pram.
  • Wipes (obviously) – Babies grow out of nappy sizes but you will always be using wipes, I was given a ton of newborn nappies which was awesome but I needed more wipes.
  • Nappies – For newborns the best nappies are the huggies newborn ones, they seem to fit a lot better than the cheaper brands, once they grow out of these go the el cheapo brands all the way (we’re talking 17c a nappy vs 33c).
  • Onesies – bonds zip throughs are awesome, basically you want anything with a zip and enclosed feet so its easy to put on and you don’t need to worry about socks.
  • Mittens – because baby nails grow fast and you need to prevent them scratching their face apart.

New mums also need a lot of TLC and I will write another post about ‘What to do when visiting a new mum’

I hope you’ve found this helpful, let me know if you need any help finding the above items or leave me a comment if your a new mum with other things you think are amazing!




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